Terms & Conditions


ERA Interior’s products are customized and made to order. It is essential that the client review the final contract upon receipt for accuracy of project specifications. If there are any changes on the dimensions, finish or specifications listed on the final contract, the client must notify ERA Interiors of such changes prior to signing the final contract and sending payment. Failure to notify ERA Interiors of order changes within this time period will constitute acceptance of final contract as final and binding.

ERA Interiors will require a 50% deposit of the contract total at the time the final contract or final quote is signed, with the 50% remaining balance, shipping charges and taxes (if applicable) due upon completion of production and prior to delivery and installation.

All orders must include a signed contract with an authorized signature from the client and a 50% deposit. No contract shall arise until ERA Interiors has acknowledged in writing receipt of a signed quotation or a written purchase order from the client. Any contract resulting from the quotations shall be signed and sent to ERA Interiors with a 50% deposit to commence production.

Additional shop drawings or sketches will be issued upon receipt of 50% deposit, signed and revised contract. Once signed shop drawings and all final information is provided, ERA Interiors will begin production. A firm ship date will only be confirmed once the custom furniture piece is in production. Please be sure of your choices when placing your order. Your custom ordered pieces cannot be cancelled or changed once in production. Production begins shortly after the order is placed.

You will be contacted once your furniture is ready for delivery. Please note that all balances are due to release your furniture for delivery. Balances are to be paid by cash or check, credit cards are not accepted.


Decorative hardware and custom metalwork is not included in the price unless otherwise noted on the invoice. Since our furniture is custom it is the client’s decision and responsibility to purchase the selected hardware for the piece. ERA Interiors does not manufacture custom hardware and does not take responsibility for purchasing, functionality, delivery or aesthetic characteristics of hardware. Hardware must be ordered concurrently with custom furniture order to facilitate production schedule and prevent delivery delays. If hardware is backordered or purchased late in the production schedule this will push back the initial projected lead time. ERA Interiors will not be held responsible for delivery or production delays relating to hardware.


As items are made to order, they cannot be changed, returned or cancelled once in production, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Order may be cancelled by the client only upon written notice to ERA Interiors and subsequent written consent of ERA interiors to such cancellation. Client shall pay to ERA Interiors a cancellation charge to include all costs and expenses already incurred or to become incurred for obligations made by ERA Interiors in connection with the processing, handling and fabrication of the products subject to the cancelled order, plus reasonable amounts for overhead and profit or 50 percent of the dollar amount of the cancelled order, whichever is greater. ERA Interiors and clients agree that this cancellation charge is necessary as liquidated damages and not as a penalty for client’s improper cancellation of the order, which charge clients acknowledgement as reasonable.


Buyer accepts these terms and conditions hereto or included in or attached to ERA Interiors’ final proposals / final quotes as the entire agreement that exists between client and seller with respect to each specific purchase order.


If any errors or omissions pertinent to this order have been made either by ERA Interiors or client, ERA Interiors shall be notified by client in writing of such error or omission within 48 hours after the receipt of the signed proposal and deposit. Otherwise, the order will be deemed accepted by both parties as shown. ERA Interiors reserves the right to correct any and all typographical, computational or clerical errors made in the preparation of quotations and specifications.


ERA Interiors utilizes materials and processes that create one of a kind furniture pieces with slight color and pattern variations. These variations are inherent in the materials used and are part of what make custom products unique. ERA Interiors recommends that the client order sufficient quantities to complete an entire specific project so that the dye lot variation can be minimized. If ERA Interiors submits a custom sample for buyer’s approval of color, pattern, or general appearance, it is understood that slight variations are possible between custom samples and production material.


ERA Interiors can assist in support or a client’s project with advice about the specific qualities and properties of the custom made furniture but will not be held liable for any flaws in the customer design, installation or specification. Construction drawings, structural engineering services and design services may be contracted upon client’s request.


Pricing based upon information supplied by client to date and is subject to change based upon final approved shop drawings. Pricing includes one set of shop drawings (if applicable) and one phase of minor revisions (if necessary). Any substantial changes to design; including construction, finish, materials and dimensions may affect pricing and schedule. Applicable taxes, if any, are not included and may appear on final invoice.


Client shall pay all local, state and/or federal taxes applicable in the purchase of products from ERA Interiors. The prices quoted are subject to any additions necessary to cover federal, state and local taxes or import duties applicable to the product or services described, or applicable to the production, distribution or delivery which shall be paid by the client.


For all orders of $2,000 or less and special rush orders, ERA Interiors requires full payment in the form of a check and a signed final contract prior to production. For all orders above $2,000, ERA Interiors requires a 50% deposit along with the signed final contract that should also be received before initiation of production. The remaining 50% balance will be due upon completion and prior to delivery and installation. Balances are to be paid by cash or check; no credit cards are accepted.
A service charge will be added on accounts which remain unpaid beyond stated terms. The rate of interest will be 1.5% per month (annual percentage rate of 18%) or such lesser rate as is permitted by applicable law. All charges are payable in US funds. If at any time, for any reason, client does not pay for ordered product when due, and in the event it becomes necessary for ERA Interiors to incur collection cost or institute suit to collect any amount due, client agrees to pay such cost (including attorneys fees and expenses). In addition to the foregoing, if client shall fail to comply with any payment or performance provision hereof, or of any other contract between ERA Interiors and client, ERA Interiors may at its option defer shipments or, without waiving any other rights it may have, terminate this contract.


Production schedule for each item varies depending on the extension of each project and it is an approximation. Order lead time will start once ERA Interiors has received signed contract / quote and payment from client and is ready to commence production. Receipt of signed contract, deposit, approved drawings if applicable and finish sample from client is essential to meet the expected lead time. Schedule will be based upon information supplied by the client to date when it is created and is subject to change based upon final approved detail drawings. Please note that any substantial changes by the client to the product construction and specifications; including design, engineering details, materials and dimensions may affect schedule.


Because ERA Interiors’ products are custom and made to order, ERA Interiors’ manufacturing process is organized on a “throughput” basis. This means that an unexpected delay in your order will hinder ERA Interior’s ability to produce other customer’s orders in a timely fashion. If client instructs ERA Interiors to place project on hold once it has been released into production or interrupt production, client will be charged for storage and handling of project materials during that period until placed back into production. Production handling charges will be $100 per purchase order in addition to a storage charge at $25 per day. ERA Interiors will invoice client for such charges, which shall be added to the final invoice for payment prior to shipment.


All furniture is ordered custom made and cannot be returned. CLIENT SHOULD INSPECT THE PRODUCTS UPON RECEIPT AND PRIOR TO INSTALLATION, CUTTING, DRILLING OR FABRICATING. While drivers are still there, please INFORM ERA INTERIORS OF ANY CONCERNS, QUESTIONS, or PRODUCT DAMAGES AND REMEMBER TO RECORD THE PROBLEM ON THE DRIVER’S TICKET. FAILURE TO DO SO AND ACCEPTANCE OF PRODUCT IN ITS DELIVERED CONDITION WILL EXEMPT SHIPPER FROM PRODUCT LIABILITY. If you have a concern, problem, or there are PRODUCT ERRORS OR OMISSIONS, we will work with you to correct it. ERA Interiors reserves the right to determine the best possible solution for any problems that may arise.


DELIVERY & INSTALLATION COST will be additional and reflected on the final invoice.
ERA Interiors does not ship items and it is the client’s responsibility to coordinate shipping from our studio in Long Island City. ERA Interiors is not responsible for shipment and delivery of custom furniture pieces. Payment is due in full before custom furniture is released for delivery. The delivery company will be solely responsible for any damages which occur during shipping or delivery.

The customer is responsible for verifying building access and all entry measurements. Measure all entryways, stairways and/or elevators to be sure that your furniture will fit through them upon delivery. ERA Interiors is not responsible for errors in calculating measurements of building access or entryways. Extra charges will be assessed by the delivery company for walkups, and extra time is needed for unusual circumstances, re-deliveries, etc. Inspect all merchandise upon delivery. While drivers are still there, please call the delivery company with any concerns or questions and remember to record the problem on the driver’s ticket. Once the furniture leaves ERA Interiors studio it is client’s responsibility to oversee proper shipment and delivery. All ERA Interiors custom furniture pieces are inspected prior to release.


ERA Interiors will provide clients with shop drawings if necessary after the order has been placed. Finish samples will also be provided if required by the client once furniture piece is ready to go the finish department. ERA Interiors reserves all copyright privileges in connection to the sale of the goods and all accompanying drawings, finishes and specifications provided by ERA Interiors. ERA Interiors’ proposals, drawings, and all specifications (“resources”) are submitted to Client solely for the proposed sale of goods and shall not disclose and shall keep confidential. ERA Interiors reserves the right to require Client to return, upon request, all copies of all materials. These resources are not to be published, reproduced, copied (in whole or in part), loaned or otherwise communicated to any third party by Client or its agents or representatives. All specifications and dimensions are approximate and are subject to change or correction during production and will be communicated to the client for approval.


Client should take care and refer to instructions for proper care and handling of the furniture when using, cleaning, handling and storing the product to prevent damage to it.


These terms and conditions of Sale may not be amended, changed or modified in any way except in written instrument duly executed by both parties. Should any item supplied be other than specified or agreed in the final order acknowledgement Buyer must notify Seller immediately in writing. Seller will use its commercially reasonable efforts to provide the goods as proposed in the final order acknowledgement. Absolutely no back charges will be considered if Seller is not allowed to first correct any inaccuracies.


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